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Attractions at Princess Hotel & Casino Free Zone

BELIZE is an independent Commonwealth country which lies on the Caribbean coast of Central America and boarders with Mexico and Guatemala. The country achieved Independence from Great Britain in 1981 and the constitutional system is a parliamentary democracy based upon the Westminster model.

The most extensively excavated of all the Mayan centers in the country is on the coast just 30 miles from Belize City. Settled more than 2,000 years ago as a classic period ceremonial center, Altun Ha covers more than 25 square miles. Altun Ha boasts five temples. Four honor the primary forces of nature Ğ sun, rain, wind and moon. In addition, the Temple of the Green Tomb was a burial site that also contained offerings of carved jade. This is where the largest carved jade head was found.

Area: 22,965 sq. km. 
Population: 210,000 people 
Capital: Belmopan 
Official language: English , Spanish is also widely spoken. 
Currency: Belize Dollar (Belize $) = 100 Cents 
Financial centre: Belize City

Attractions of the location: Around the casino there are different sites such as: Karaoke bars, night clubs, restaurants, sports clubs, billiards bars, parks with children playing grounds, snack shops, cafés, national museum, a football field, movie cinemas, marina, and a games and bowling alley.

The exchange rate is ~ 2 Belize dollars for 1 U.S. dollar.

Most local businesses will accept U.S. currency and will give change in Belize currency.

In Belize English is the official language, with Spanish the second most frequent and Creole (dialect) ever present. The Caribs speak Garifuna. On Ambergris Caye which is bilingual, Spanish and English (some Maya) are the most prevalent languages.

The Belizean Government is a stable democracy with a bicameral legislature, and a member of the British Commonwealth, the United Nations and the Non-Alligned Nations. It maintains its own armed forces, but there is a British garrison stationed here to aid in case of external threat.

The Harrier jets and the helicopters that one may see and hear over Ambergris Caye are members of the British Forces.

Belize is rich in Maya ruins and Ambergris Caye has several Maya sites. The Caye also has the remains of numerous shipwrecks along the reet. Archaeologists are currently studying the larger Maya sites on the Caye.

The Belize Antiquities Laws prohibit the disturbance or removal of anything from these sites.


  1. Substance abuse and water activities do not mix.
  2. Never swim offshore without carrying a float of some type (preferably one with a diver's flag).
  3. Never swim to the reef without a boat (with anchor) to provide refuge in case of exhaustion (very common), accidents or a change of wind and currents.
  4. Beware of high speed boats while swimming. Fire Coral and coral scratches are painful and slow to heal, but are not life threatening. It is recommended that divers and snorkelers wear gloves.
  5. In the shallow forereet, one should be careful of the surge.
  6. Use tne buddy system and do not venture too far from the boat.
  7. On ali day trips take a lot of fresh water to avoid dehydration.
  8. When going into the bush ask your guide to point out the Che Chem (poisonwood). Always wear shoes, long pants and insect repellant.
  9. It is not always wise to stand, sit or nap under a coconut tree as tne falling nuts may cause serious bodily damage.